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Why Single Serve Coffee Systems are an Excellent Option

Coffee keeps the modern world running. Walking down the street, at home, in the office, on the road: people are drinking coffee in almost every possible location they can inhabit. The modern workplace is practically built on coffee. So, most workplaces have found ways to provide their employees and visitors alike with their caffeine fix. But what is the best way to serve coffee, do you get the standard coffee pot system or single serve?


Single cup coffee makers are a great option for the office. Their versatility is the key to success in the workplace. Even if coffee is king, tea and hot chocolate are still thoroughly enjoyed. These machines are designed to make sure that everyone can get a cup of something they enjoy. You aren’t limited to the traditional coffee pot and a single flavor or style of brew. From decaf options to tea and hot chocolate, you can find something you enjoy with single-serve coffee makers. Not to mention some of our machines have the option to brew different size cups. So, if you need a little pick me up, or a major motivation booster, you can get the right fix for your coffee jones.

Fresh Coffee Every Time

Another great benefit of single-serve systems is that you get a fresh cup of Joe every time. Not everyone in the office is going to be on the same caffeine schedule. Some need their afternoon jolt to get them to the end of the day. Some like to sip a cup of coffee to start their day in a relaxing way. There’s even the lunch-time coffee nut, who has to have his cup of java with his turkey sandwich. If you brew a cup of coffee in the morning, it’s going to be old and losing its flavor by the time some people want it. With single cup systems, people can quickly brew their single cup of coffee on demand, as they want it.

Less Waste

Along with the benefit of a fresh cup of coffee whenever, single-serve systems also have the benefit of limiting waste. Those late-in-the-day coffee drinkers mentioned above may wind up having to brew a whole new pot of coffee, a majority of which usually goes to waste by the end of the workday. Single-serve coffee systems eliminate the need to brew a whole pot of coffee just so one person can enjoy a single cup.

If you need a single cup coffee system for your office contact us today!