Micro Markets

Bevco Service Micro Markets

A micro market is a small, self-contained store in a location which is remotely monitored by Bevco. A variety of products and a checkout system are openly available. This means that there is no machine that vends the product, but the system is autonomous like a vending machine. By utilizing our micro market services, we can access real-time reporting about your micro market and deliver our quality assurance.

  • Our micro market has no cost to the employer.
  • This software holds the highest level of PCI and PA-DSS certification of any business in the industry.
  • Employees love being able to browse items before buying.
  • Easily read the labels with nutrition and calorie information.
  • Improved productivity by keeping workers on-site for meals and snacks 24/7.

Three Square Market Innovation

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Micro Markets Made For You

  • Hundreds of fresh and delicious choices customized to your workplace needs and employee requests.
  • Improved wellness with healthy, low-fat options.
  • Ease of payment including credit, debit and Smart•N•Go Market cards.
  • Unobtrusive security cameras and monitoring keeps markets secure.
  • State of the art, reliable technology.
  • All equipment is Energy Star Rated-contributing to a greener workplace.
  • Perhaps best of all employees love their Micro Market, boosting workplace morale.