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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets for Hotels?

The hospitality industry is built on providing as much as possible for those who rely on and enjoy their services. For hotels, providing better service and more amenities can mean the difference between booked rooms and vacancies, especially in areas with a lot of competition. So, how can a hotel improve its appeal to potential guests? A micro market is a great starting point!

Expand Offerings Without Unnecessary Construction

When it comes to what a hotel can offer guests, there are certain things that have become incredibly common amenities. There are so many hotels that offer things like complimentary breakfasts, but very few that can offer affordable and convenient meal options all day long without needing a full-time kitchen to provide room service or a full restaurant on the premises. For many hotels, adding a full kitchen or restaurant may not only be difficult it can be impossible. Micro markets can ensure your guests can get meals at any time of day on their own schedule. Whether they’re coming in late from a celebration or awake early on their way to catch a flight, micro markets can provide a quick and satisfying bite to eat when guests need it.

All Kinds of Items

Aside from that, micro markets can provide essential and even non-essential products your guests may need to buy. Let’s say your guests have a long flight or car ride ahead of them, but they’ve left their headphones in a drawer at home. Or maybe after a wedding, quite a few individuals in the block of rooms set aside for those attending the event are waking up with achy heads. Micro markets can be stocked with drug store items like headphones and over-the-counter medications that can truly come in handy when needed.

Eliminate Waste

One of the major problems with amenities like complimentary breakfasts is the waste. Not every guest may be interested in breakfast or maybe they’re sleeping off a case of jet lag and simply missed the breakfast hours. That leaves you with an overhead cost that is not necessarily efficient in providing for your guests and giving you’re the return on your investment by encouraging new or return visits. Micro markets not only allow you to provide the food and supplies your guests might need but give you a manageable means of providing these things in a way that allows your guests to purchase what they need rather than providing something they may not need or want.

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