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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service

Bevco is a third generation company that has since 1977 been providing exceptional service and first quality products to our customers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland.

We accomplish this in many ways:

State of the Art Equipment

We utilize new, first quality, technologically advanced micro market, vending and coffee equipment. They will offer a wide variety of products, including many healthy selections. These machines are capable of offering all of the products on our product lists. These lists are updated periodically with the newest products on the market and we continue to be receptive to your special requests.

Our machines are equipped with the energy miser system that shall cause the machine to hibernate, or temporarily power down when not in use. This system is in keeping with the current “green” movement to save energy and reduce costs! In addition, our machines are equipped with LED lights that are less costly to run than standard fluorescent bulbs and illuminate the machine far better.

We also successfully employ the guaranteed product delivery system on our snack machines. This technology virtually eliminates product hang ups. When the product purchased is vended, it crosses an electronic beam at the bottom of the machine. If the beam is not crossed, the spiral continues to turn until the product is successfully vended. If not, the machine automatically returns the money to the purchaser to make another selection. This system significantly reduces your involvement in providing refunds.

Our machines shall be matched, leveled, and secured to provide a professional, orderly overall appearance.

Exceptional Service

All of our employees have been working in the industry for an average of fifteen years. Our machines will be sanitized and restocked at each site visit to maintain a professional environment.

In addition, we maintain five (5) fully trained mechanics to respond within one (1) hour of a service call to get you back on track. We are available to service your facility seven (7) days per week, twenty four (24) hours per day as we regularly service Customers after regular business hours and on weekends. Should a machine become uncooperative, it shall be replaced.

An on-site refund bank will be established to provide an immediate refund mechanism in the oft chance of machine error.

Superior Variety

We maintain a tremendous facility that allows us to stock a wide ranging selection of products, many of which will appeal to health conscious consumers. We encourage special requests and accommodate our customers.

Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you.

Spence Epstein – President


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