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Don’t Shake the Vending Machine – What to do if Your Snack Gets Stuck

You’ve almost definitely seen it happen: two guys holding either side of a vending machine. One of them shouts, “Ready?” and they start rocking the machine back and forth as someone stands in front of the machine, watching some poor snack sway as it dangles from the delivery mechanism. Sometimes, this scene ends with the snack slipping from the rings and a thank you to the guys who muscled the machine into giving up the snack. Sometimes, this scene ends with the entire vending machine toppling over, smashing the glass, and possibly even breaking the foot of the poor onlooker. So, play it safe and never rock a vending machine, please. But what should you do?

Easier than Shaking

If your snack or drink is stuck in a vending machine, there are other ways of going around retrieving it. There is an easy way to try to dislodge something stuck in a vending machine that does not involve moving, shaking, punching, kicking, or yelling at the machine. Simply push up the flap where you would normally collect your snack. Then, let the flap snap back down. This can move the air in the machine enough to unleash your snack.

Call for Help

Another simple way to retrieve your snack is to find someone who can help. Most vending machines have a number that you can call if your snack is stuck. If you call this number, you may be able to find out how to get a refund or have someone come and open the machine to retrieve your item. A good vending machine company will likely establish a refund bank at the facility where the machine is located, so at the least, you should be able to get your money back.

No More Getting Stuck

The best way to deal with a stuck snack is to make sure that you never have a stuck snack at all. Modern vending machines are equipped with sensors that detect when your purchased item hasn’t been properly dispensed. This totally eliminates the need for a retrieval plan when it comes to your vending machines and limits the chance of broken machines.

If you’re interested in vending machines with this kind of sensor, contact Bevco today!