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Fresh Fruit for Your Workplace with Micro Markets from Bevco

When it comes to eating healthy, there is a clear gold standard: increase your fruits and veggies. So, how do you ensure this principle is followed or at a minimum possible in the workplace? If you want to ensure your staff is happy and healthy, fresh fruit can make a major difference. And with a micro market from Bevco, you can easily include fresh fruit along with the myriad products that can be stocked by our team.

Better Overall Health

There are a few reasons to stock healthy foods like fresh fruit in your workplace micro market. The first is that it is healthier than many of the other snacks that can often be found for most people during their lunch break. Investing in the health of your employees is an investment in fewer sick days, fewer health-related problems that can affect work performance and, most importantly, happier employers. A better diet can seriously increase your staff’s potential and ensure that your workplace is a happy and healthy one.

Better Energy

Another reason to consider fresh fruit for your micro market is the fact that it can help fuel the energy your employees need to do good work all day. The human body needs energy to complete tasks. When we’re running on fumes, our abilities can suffer as our body lacks the energy it needs. Aside from a solid night’s sleep, the food we eat gives us energy and can seriously affect our work performance. And some foods, like fruit and vegetables, can fuel use more efficiently than others, such as sugary treats. Even though a candy bar may give us a burst of sugary energy, that energy burns fast and will lead to a crash where fruit gives you a longer-lasting fuel to complete a full and productive day of work.

Supporting Employees

Aside from your own advantages, fresh fruit can also help your employees meet their goals and appeals to those who prefer to eat healthy. Some people just prefer to have healthy snacks as opposed to sweets or salty foods that are often found around the workplace. And for those trying to improve their health and fitness, it gives them an easy and convenient way to make healthier choices, empowering them to achieve their goals.

Contact Bevco for Your Micro Market Needs

If you’re considering a micro market, you may want to consider stocking it with a wide array of foods, including fresh fruit. Contact our team to discuss this and other products we can stock in your micro market!