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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Top Benefits of a Micro Market

Micro markets have become a popular vending machine trend. What is a micro market? It is a miniature convenience store that offers a wide variety of products, more than a typical vending machine would. By adding a micro market to your office you can enjoy these top benefits:

Variety of Products

Micro markets offer an endless amount of products. Everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks. Everyone is able to find something to enjoy.

Healthy Choices

A micro market offers more than the typical candy and bags of chips. Employees are able to enjoy a healthy meal or snack such as a salad, wraps, fruit, yogurt, etc. Portions are smaller and nutrition labels are easily accessible and not hidden in the machine.

A micro market also offers a wellness program. The program allows employees to keep track of their nutritional information.


Micro markets can be built to fit into any facility and workspace.  The food is also able to be customized. This allows for employees’ favorites to be offered along with options for those that may have allergies or are on a special diet.

Simple Checkout

Micro markets use innovative technology, making them simple to use. Using a self-checkout system, the machine is able to take credit cards, cash, debit, fingerprints, etc.

Smooth Inventory System

With their technology, micro markets are able to track sales and inventory. The machine keeps track of the items that are constantly sold and will offer customized meal selections. It also is able to keep track of when an item needs to be restocked. When an item is running low the micro market provider is sent a restock alert right away.

Micro markets are convenient, simple to use, and offer a great food selection. Join the micro movement today and add one to your office.