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How Vending Machines Can be Healthy

When people think of the foods offered in vending machines they typically think of junk food such as chips or candy. However, with the concern of obesity increasing vending has begun to join the healthy trend. Here are a couple ways vending machines can provide healthy options.


There isn’t a rule that states what has to be stocked in your vending machine. If you are looking to start the New Year providing your employees with healthy options, you are able to customize the machine the way you want. You can choose to add baked chips, fruit snacks, a variety of nuts, wheat crackers, pretzels, etc.

Drinks are also able to be customized. Instead, of soda you can offer water, fruit juices, and sports drinks.

A customized vending machine isn’t only perfect for offering healthy options it is also great for those that have a food allergy or are on a special diet.

Micro Markets

Another way vending machines are able to be healthy is if the vending machine is a micro market. A micro market is a small convenience store.  It gives employees more options than a vending machine including full meals such as salads, wraps, and sandwiches.  It is also easier for nutrition labels to be read and allows for employees to keep track of what they are eating.

Vending Machines don’t have to continue to be known for carrying junk food.  Create healthy vending options today.