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Espresso maching filling two cups

The History of the Coffee Maker

Bevco offers a number of services, one of which is coffee for your workplace. And coffee is one of those things that can come in so many forms, it’s hard to keep up to date with the latest in brewing methods. But as we’ve discussed in a previous blog, the history of coffee is long and full of developments that changed the way we drink our favorite cup of joe. But how has the actual method of brewing coffee changed over the years?


For centuries, the coffee making process has been fairly unchanged. You take roasted coffee beans, grind them, add hot water and cover to infuse the water with the flavor and caffeine of the ground coffee. The coffee making process started to heat up when special pots were designed to catch the coffee grounds when the coffee was poured. For the most part, these pots were designed with wide bases to catch the grounds which sink to the bottom of the pot and a sharp spout to catch floating grounds as you pour.

Add Sophistication

In the late 1800s, the French introduced the infusion brewing process to coffee, essentially using linen bags with coffee grounds to steep in hot water, much like tea bags. But the most popular method of brewing coffee used today actually came about much earlier. The drip brewing process also developed in France and used a cloth sock to contain the coffee grounds while water was poured over them. The major trouble with this method is that the cloth (sometimes literally and old sock – which is definitely gross) would change the flavor of the coffee. The percolator was also developed around this same time, also in France.

So, France had a major affect on the development of the modern coffee maker and the many forms they take. In fact, some brewing methods are actually named for their French heritage, i.e. the French press or French drip coffee maker.

Coffee For Your Workplace

Currently, pour over coffee makers, instant coffee, cold brew, vacuum brewers, single brew coffee makers and more can be added to the list of coffee makers mentioned above. And the popularity of each method changes and certain things go in and out of style. But, for the most part, coffee making is still all about that perfect combination of hot (or cold) water and the right coffee grounds.

To find the perfect coffee maker for your workspace, contact Bevco today!