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Four Things to Make Your Micro Market Safer

When it comes to your micro markets and shared spaces like breakrooms or cafeterias, you need to be sure that safety is your top priority these days.

But how do you put your employees at ease and make sure that your micro market or breakroom is both welcoming and as safe as possible for users? These four things will help ease the worries of your staff and ensure that the chances of spreading COVID-19 are as slim as possible.


Make masks mandatory in your office, especially in communal areas like micro markets or cafes. When people use these areas, a mask can be a major difference in stopping the spread of COVID-19 as well as other viruses like the flu or the common cold. So, not only should they be mandatory in your micro market and other spaces where your team members interact with one another, making them available to your staff in the event they forget is a great idea.

Social Distance Rules

Your micro market and breakroom are usually good places for your employees to socialize, but these days, it’s better that everyone keeps their distance, especially when indoors. By setting social distancing rules for using shared spaces, you can keep the risk of spreading any sickness relatively low and make sure everyone feels comfortable as they peruse the shelves of your market or enjoy a lunch break away from their desk or work area. Using markers for direction, as well as for illustrating a six-foot distance is a good idea for larger micro markets!

A Cleaning Log

This a good one for both your micro market as well as your breakroom or cafeteria. Keeping a clear log of when your shared spaces were cleaned can help ease worries and allow you to keep a clear record of how often these spaces are being cleaned. Cleaning duties can be delegated to a specific team member or can be shared amongst those who use the spaces, ensuring that when someone uses these shared spaces, they log that and that they wiped down surfaces and after use.

Sanitation Supplies

Making sure you have hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or spray, gloves and paper towels available for your employees to use before and after using your micro market or breakroom is essential. This not only ensures that things are sanitary and that individuals as well as cleaning staff have these items handy to use but leaves no excuse for anyone to not wipe down surfaces when they use these spaces.

Bevco is taking every precaution to keep your team members and ours safe as possible when servicing, restocking and installing your vending products, so contact us today for all of your micro market needs!