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Vintage Coca Cola vending machine

The Future of Vending Machines

What does the future look like? It’s a really good question that we all should stop to think about from time to time. Considering our impact on the world around us, the future is something we contribute to or take away from. Recently, a lot of big companies have made it their mission to push sustainability to the next level, lessening their environmental footprint. Coca-Cola is one company doing just that and with its latest vending machine innovation, we may just know what the future of drink vending looks like.


Coca-Cola launched a drink vending program on college campuses in Georgia, Ohio, and Florida that reduced their carbon footprint by removing the need for plastic bottles. The DASANI PureFill is essentially a vending machine that allows students to fill their own bottles with filtered water. The machine also allows the addition of zero-calorie flavors and carbonation for a small price. In case this wasn’t enough modernity for you, the DASANI PureFill machines are paired with a smartphone app. This custom-built app allows users to keep track of how much they’ve drunk, find nearby machines, and pay for their flavors and carbonation.

Going Green

This new innovation from Coca-Cola shows where the future of vending machines might be heading. Package-less delivery is definitely something to keep an eye out for as the world moves forward. But the DASANI PureFill is only currently available in a few locations. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be more common in a few years. For now, we’ll have to be sure to reduce our impact on the world by making smart choices. For example, make sure you’re not just tossing the plastic bottles you get from vending machines in the trash (or worse, on the ground) and you’re properly recycling them.

Another great way to lessen your footprint while we wait for more innovations in the industry is to put vending machines in your facility that use less power. More efficient vending machines, like those we offer at Bevco, will save you money on your electric bill but also are more environmentally responsible. If you’re looking for modern vending machines that will deliver quality products to your employees and visitors, contact our team to discuss which of our modern vending products may best fit your needs.