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Healthy Summer Snacks for You and Your Family

Summer is a time to be enjoyed. Slow, warm days require a slow, warm disposition and a chance to take it all in. But the weather isn’t the only thing you should slow down to appreciate during the summer. You should also take a step back and enjoy some delicious snacks. Summer is a great time to enjoy fresh fruit, cold and refreshing treats, and easy to make snacks that can energize you while you enjoy the sun and take advantage of the long days. Here are some great healthy snacks to enjoy while you’re enjoying days at home during the summer.


The tinkling music of the ice cream man is a common and nostalgic sound. But when your kids (or you, yourself) go running headlong to buy a sugary treat from these trucks you may have a moment of regret when realizing that ice cream and food coloring may not be what you want your family to be eating very often. So, to beat the heat and still enjoy a tasty treat consider making your own popsicles in the freezer. Freezer popsicles can be easy to make and are a great healthy alternative to the ice cream truck. Here are two “cool” recipes for delicious homemade popsicles: peaches and creamsicles and fruit popsicles.

Fresh Fruit and Veggies

Summer is a time when everything is lush and full of life. That means produce is abundant and there’s no better time to enjoy fresh fruits and veggies. Vegetable sticks and easy to eat fruits like strawberries and blueberries are great, easy snacks for you and your family during the summer months. Watermelon is a little more labor intensive, but there’s almost nothing as refreshing or that is synonymous with summer weather as watermelon. For a more refreshing snack, try putting some fresh grapes, strawberry slices, or blueberries in the freezer.


Summertime is full of action. Whether you’re swimming, exploring, or playing around in the back yard, you may need some serious snacks to energize you. When you’re looking for something a little heartier to munch on, you don’t necessarily have to cook or eat something hot that will only make you warmer on a summer day. Hummus is a great summer snack that can keep you full and fueled without too much hassle in preparation or the need to break out the barbecue grill. Here is a simple recipe for hummus that you can even pair with those fresh veggie sticks. Here’s a simple hummus recipe that may be perfect for your summer snacking.

At Work?

It’s easy to eat nutritious snacks while you’re at home enjoying some downtime, but what to do at work? Bevco can help you stock your workplace with healthy snack options that can help you bring your summer snacking into the office with you! Contact us today to discuss how you can give your employees healthy snacks with vending services from Bevco.