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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Various vending machines within market

What is a Micro Market?

Automation is one of the most important things we see happening in almost every business. It has huge benefits for those businesses and the people who use the services and products provided by those businesses. This includes the vending service industry. One way that automation has impacted our business is in the creation and stocking of micro markets. Micro markets are slowly, but steadily growing even more popular, mostly because they are a convenient option for businesses looking to make sure that their staff and guests have plenty of options for a quick, convenient snack, drink, or meal.

Micro Markets

Micro markets are small stores that are set up in a location like an office building. These stores are, essentially, miniaturized convenience stores that sell all the normal stuff like candy bars, sodas, bottled water, chips, and similar things. They also carry fresh foods, like fruit, sandwiches, and other meal options. This may not seem like anything new or exceptionally interesting, but what makes micro markets great is that everything is automated. There is no clerk or other employee ringing up what you buy, so there’s no added cost to having a micro market in your building. You don’t need to hire a bunch of new employees to man the cash register.


Micro markets use automated technology that allows customers to easily buy products after browsing the store for their preferred lunch, snack, or even dinner. This means your employees don’t have to waste their lunch breaks running out to pick up something to eat. They don’t even have to leave the building. The other major benefit of micro markets is that they are monitored automatically. That allows us to keep an eye on what is popular in your store, what isn’t selling, and what needs to be restocked. And security cameras and monitoring ensure that security is maintained, even without anyone working in the store.

Healthy Options

Micro markets offer your employees the chance to browse through a much more diverse array of foods and drinks, and that includes healthier options that increase wellness. Labels make sure that nutrition information is clearly displayed, too.

If you’re looking to increase productivity, boost morale, and improve the health of your staff, a Micromarket is the right choice for you. Contact our team today to discuss how a Micromarket can be the perfect thing for your business!