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Sharing a Meal with Coworkers Doesn’t Have to Only be a Holiday Treat

Holiday work parties are great for increasing morale, rewarding your employees, and helping coworkers get to know one another. Having a nice meal that is just for the people you work with really brings out the camaraderie that work relationships can offer. But the holidays aren’t the only time that a meal can bring your employees together. With the right kind of space, your employees can enjoy each other’s company all year round.

Gathering Together

In any workplace, it’s good to have an area where employees can relax and enjoy a break. We talked about giving your employees a great break room for the holidays in our last blog. But they should also have access to great food. With a micromarket, you can make your break room a gathering place for your employees, but also a great place for them to grab a healthy lunch without having to leave the building.


A micromarket allows your employees to gather and eat in community. One of the best things about the holidays is that people come together. You can keep that feeling alive throughout the whole year by ensuring your employees don’t have to go out by themselves to find a decent lunch. They can pick up food in the building and then use their lunch to get to know their coworkers instead of traveling to find a decent sandwich.

And of course, vending machines are great, but a micromarket adds that extra variety that will keep people using it time after time.


If you’re looking for a way to encourage your staff to share more meals and really become the team you want them to be, make sure that the holidays aren’t the only time they get to share a meal together. Bevco can help you find the best fit for your micromarket and we’ll help make sure it’s stocked with great options for your team.

If you’re interested in a micromarket for your workplace, office, or facility contact our team today to discuss your options!

And from our family here at Bevco, we’d like to say, have a happy holiday and a wonderful New Year!