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A Break Room Makeover Makes a Great Holiday Treat

It’s not always easy to keep up office morale during the holiday season. The workday ends in the dark, people want to be at home, comfy with their families, people aren’t focused on work, but on the many obligations of the holiday season. So, how do you show your employees that they’re appreciated? One great way to do this is with a break room makeover.

Call it a holiday gift and give your employees an awesome new break room or lounge this year. It may make for a great surprise, or it might be better to let everyone know ahead of time, either way it’s sure to be appreciated. This will boost office morale, make for some great promotional material, and possibly even attract talented new team members. Here is how to make this makeover memorable:

A New Look

You’ll need to make sure that you’re not just throwing a new paint color on the walls. You’ll want to makeover the entire room. That means new paint, new furniture, new feel. You don’t want to promise a new break room and have people disappointed. So, go for the gusto and find some cool furniture, some nice art, decent decorations and brand-new vibe.

Some Entertainment

Add some entertainment too. The break room in your office should be about relaxing. That doesn’t mean it has to be a zen space. Sometimes, all you need to relax is a little entertainment. This doesn’t have to be a pinball machine, or arcade game (although that would be really, really cool). Simple board games, a classic video game system, or just a television can make the difference.

Snacks, Of Course

If you really want to up the ante and make your break room something special, snacks and drinks are a great addition. Having a few vending machines, or even a micromarket can make your break room a really special part of your office. Not to mention, these machines will help your recoup the money spent on renovations and new furniture. Let’s face it, no break room is complete without a decent vending machine.

If you’re interested in adding a vending machine, product, or micromarket to your office or workplace, Bevco can help. So, contact our team today to add some holiday cheer to your office break room!