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Healthier Eating at Work in the New Year

The holidays are officially behind us. A new year is before us. That means a lot of people are seriously considering the way they ate for the last month and a half and the way the want to eat in the future. Indulgence is great, but it also has to be tempered with balance. So, many people are looking to the new year to change their bad eating habits and are making resolutions to eat better. Eating healthier has numerous benefits, but how can you help your employees stay on track to a healthier life this new year?


It’s sometimes really hard to curb bad eating habits and one of the hardest places to really eat healthy is at work. Let’s face it, work can stress people out and stress can lead to poor food decisions. There also aren’t usually many healthy choices to be found at the office as far as food goes. But you can help encourage your team to eat better this year.

One great way to start this endeavor is to educate your employees. Let them know the benefits of healthy eating and use that to help keep them motivated. It’s never a good idea to pressure anyone to change their diets, but with a bit of encouragement and with the right information, you might find that people who already wanted to change stick with these changes when educated on their choices.


Encouraging the people that you work with is great for morale and for improving productivity, but it can also help people stay on track with their goals. If you notice some people in your office are really putting an effort into eating better and making better choices in 2019, sometimes a little bit of acknowledgement can help them stick with it. It may even be worth organizing a group of employees who are all trying to eat better. A group effort means there is support and encouragement for those trying to achieve their goals. But don’t force anyone to join, in the end it has to be their choice.

Make it Easy

The best way to encourage and assist your employees with their healthy eating goals is to make sure they have healthy food choices in the office. This can be a daunting task, but modern vending technology allows vending machines to offer awesome, healthy options. You can even invest in a micromarket with even more healthy food and drink options. By making sure your employees have access to healthy food, you make it so much easier for them to eat healthy conveniently.

If you’re interested in healthy food options for your office, Bevco can help. Contact our team to discuss your options for healthy eating in the office!