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Reduce the Chance of Vending Machine Repair Needs

Repairing your vending machine can be a major pain.  You’ve picked up a head of steam and you’re regularly re-filling your machine.  You’re making a profit!

Then, BAM!  System breakdown.  Disappointed customers leave empty-handed as you wait for the service tech to arrive.  But this can be avoided.

This post is about how to reduce the chance of vending machine repair needs with some positive operator behaviors that make all the difference.

Go for the quality

As we’ve pointed out in our post about common errors made by novice vending machine owners, cheaping out is never a good idea.  Go for a machine that’s well-known and has a good reputation with operators and end users.

Do your homework.  Or, better yet – trust the professionals at Bevco to provide you with a top-of-the-line machine you can count on.  You’ll need fewer repairs with the trusted brands we provide and if you need a repair – you know we’ll be there when you need us!

Popular models are best

Widely diffused vending machine brands are the best for the purposes of reducing repair needs, as the parts for these are readily available.  Less well-known brands, regional brands and rare models are going to be difficult to repair for this reason.

You may save money with a lesser known brand, or even a generic, but the headaches you’ll encounter later aren’t worth it.  Go with recognized brands with wide coverage and parts availability.

Preventative maintenance

One of the best things you can do to reduce the chance of vending machine repair needs is to engage in regular maintenance.

A well-maintained machine, for obvious reasons, is less likely to break down.  With Bevco, you have a partner in your vending machine enterprise because we’re there when you need us with 24/7 rapid response to service your machines and keep them working to their full potential.

Bevco – the vending machine pros

With Bevco, you’ll get state-of-the-art machines and product management that makes your job as an operator easy.  Your machines are monitored by Cantaloupe Systems.  This technology allows us to know which of your vending machine items are selling.  We know your sales trends and when you need more product.

That means your top sellers are always in supply, so customers aren’t disappointed.

Cantaloupe works in tandem with Lightspeed automated inventory, which chooses the products required on an assembly line system capable of replenishing 4 machines simultaneously.

With Bevco, you get high tech solutions for your vending machine needs, together with exceptional product selections and rapid response service when you need it.

High tech leaders

At Bevco, we’re changing the vending machine game by offering you the very best of the industry.  With automated inventory management embedded in your machine, your top-selling products are always on hand, without you lifting a finger.

And when your machine needs to rest, it automatically goes to energy-saving mode, saving you money and extending the life of the machine.

Bevco is here to answer your vending machine needs with product selections which encompass nutritious choices.  Contact us!