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Should You Worry About Theft in Your Micro Markets?

A micro market is a vending option that allows for easy purchases and a large variety of products. Not only does this type of vending option give your employees plenty of healthy options for a snack or meal, it comes at no cost to the employer. So, these markets are a great option for large facilities with the right space. But you might wonder how these self-contained stores with no clerk or employee working the register is protected from theft. Bevco Service Inc. makes sure that your micro market is protected from employees with sticky fingers.


The first line of defense when it comes to micro market security is cameras. Your micro market is equipped with security cameras that are remotely monitored and unobtrusive. This means we can identify when someone may have forgotten to pay for their snack and who that individual is. These unobtrusive cameras make sure the average shopper is not uncomfortable but deter would-be shoplifters from pocketing something and walking out the door.

Off-Site Monitoring

Aside from the security cameras, we monitor your micro markets inventory and the purchases made in the store. This means we can easily identify if theft is a problem and address that issue promptly. We can access real-time reporting from your micro market, which allows us to keep an eye on what you need restocked and what items may be disappearing off the shelves.

Your Employees

Aside from these state-of-the-art technological measures, there’s also the simple fact that your employees are unlikely to be thieves. Most micro markets will not have a problem with theft because most of the time, employees simply appreciate the options a micro market offers. When this is coupled with the security cameras and off-site monitoring, theft is likely not to be a cause for concern.

The Benefits

So, don’t be deterred from giving your employees the opportunity to have great snack and lunch options in your facility. Micro markets are one of the best vending options we offer, and they can increase morale and improve the health and wellness of your staff tremendously.

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If you’re interested in a micro market for your facility, or have any questions about these stores, contact our team today to discuss the benefits and your options when it comes to micro markets!