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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets for Hotels and Residential Complexes

The hospitality industry has changed dramatically in the last year, and it can be assumed that some aspects of the “new normal” maybe even be permanent changes to the way we live life. But that doesn’t change the fact that people will always appreciate an easily accessible meal, snack or drink nearby when they’re traveling. The same goes for at home. This is one of the reasons many hotels and residential complexes like condominium communities and apartment buildings are installing micro markets. No matter what the future has in store, micro markets will be a reliable, convenient and safe amenity you can offer guests and residents.

A Great Alternative to Expensive Breakfasts

A complimentary breakfast is a common amenity found in hotels across the world, but they’re also expensive and complicated. You need a cook, the equipment for cooking (including coffee machines, waffles irons, pans, and more) and the plates and cutlery. Not to mention that it’s a major cost to you. And guests often need to go out for other meals after breakfast, which can be an inconvenience. A micro market can provide breakfast, lunch and dinner options, require no additional staff and can be installed at no cost to you. So, you can make more money and make more guests happy.


Micro markets are also an incredibly convenient means for guests or residents to grab supplies, snacks or whole meals. They provide all the ease and speed of a local convenience store but located even more conveniently right inside your facility. So, if a guest needs headphones for a long flight, headache relief after a night out or a coffee too perk up before a morning of sightseeing, a micro market can deliver all of this. And that also makes them great for residential complexes that may not be immediately located near stores or shops that provide these kinds of items.

Safer, Cleaner

Micro markets also provide added safety and comfort for guests. The self-service kiosks allow customers to grab their items and pay without having to interact with anyone. And pre-packaged snack and meal options ensure that the food your guests are eating is fresh and safe for everyone. So, as some anxieties linger, you can assure your guests and residents that your micro markets are a safe option.

If you’re interested in a micro market for your hotel, condo complex or apartment building, contact our team today!