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Cashless Purchase and Your Micro Market

Most businesses have been changed by the COVID-19 pandemic and many of those changes are likely to be the new norm. This is certainly true of cashless purchase, especially in industries that were already making the move toward a cashless future. Micro markets from Bevco have been using cashless and other easy to use payment options for some time, long before COVID-19. So, you can expect that cashless payment and other features will likely be part of micro markets now and in the future.


One of the major benefits of cashless payment is the ease of use. Cashless payment is perfect for easy and quick interactions. No counting, no change, no hassle. And no need to go to the bank to withdraw chase. Cashless purchase is essentially the perfect option for those who prefer to shop digitally, bank digitally and pay digitally. Following the pandemic, the need to be cautious about interactions will likely stick around and cashless purchase options allow for touchless purchase as well whether that’s using an app, a quick touch with a credit card or rechargeable employee micro market accounts.

How it’s Used

Micro markets from Bevco utilize advanced purchase software. Our self serve kiosks allow you to scan the items you’re going to purchase and then complete your payment with a card. Whether you use your card with a chip, touch or swipe, the card reader will allow you to quickly and efficiently pay for your items and get on your way. The kiosks can also be used to pay with employee IDs or employee reward accounts that the employer can recharge or can be recharged by the employee themselves. This can be done by punching in an employee ID number or with an ID card. There’s also an app that you can use to check out without having to interact with the kiosk. Simply scan your items on your phone pay with your choice of digital payment and then get back to enjoying your break time!

For more information about the advanced cashless payment technology we use in our micro markets, contact our team today!