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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets and Coffee: What You Need to Know

Micro markets are still growing in popularity because of their versatility, the variety of products they include and their ease of use. But what many people might not realize is that micro markets can also include coffee and that it is a popular option amongst consumers. People are getting much more particular about their coffee as well, combine this with the variety of options and how easy a micro market makes coffee, and you have a perfect coffee solution with a workplace looking into a micro market.

The Right Flavors

The modern coffee industry is much more robust (pun intended) than the days when the family percolator or office drip brew system were the most popular and common means for a caffeine fix. From more diverse flavors and strengths to varied brewing methods, brands and origins, people know what they like and want to be able to come as close to their preferred cup of coffee as possible. That means people are paying more for a better cup of coffee. Micro markets can offer everything from premium blends from smaller brands to the most common names in coffee, making micro markets a great solution for the modern coffee drinker.

The Perfect Brewing Options

Another thing to consider is the variety of options that a micro market allows. From single cup brewers to larger coffee brewing options, micro markets can help you find the balance. As we mentioned, the average consumer is much more discerning with their cup of coffee these days and that means many prefer the control and convenience of a single cup brewing system that allows them to choose their flavor and customize their experience a bit more. But if your customers are looking for quicker options, vending machines and other brewing systems can work better.

Always Convenient

The most important draw of coffee in the workplace micro market is one of the micro market’s greatest benefits: conveniences. If an employee needs a pick-me-up during the day, they can run to the on-site micro market for a cup of coffee that works for them. Or they can grab a cup during their lunch break while they buy their food. Either way, the convenience is major benefit.

Ready to Chat?

If you’re ready to push your micro market to the next level with coffee or are looking for a brand-new micro market with this feature, let’s talk about your options. Get in touch today!