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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets for Campuses and Larger Facilities

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all micro market. Every micro market we install fits the space and the needs of those who use it. We make sure that your micro market can handle the traffic and is stocked with items your employees and guests actually use. But what about large office complexes and multiple building campuses such as colleges and hospitals? Instead of a single, centralized micro market, these multi-building facilities can make use of multiple micro markets to provide convenient meals for staff and visitors.

Large Office Spaces

Larger office spaces may use multiple floors or multiple buildings to comfortably accommodate large teams. That means we need to ensure your micro market is capable of handling this large number of potential visitors easily without overcrowding. One large market may work for some but using smaller micro markets in different buildings or on different floors can also help provide easy access and cut down on crowding during peak lunch hours.


As for hospitals and colleges and other examples of multi-building campuses, it can be hard for people to leave their buildings to head to a centralized micro market. But multiple micro markets for the different buildings on campus can be designed to fit the space available in those buildings and fit the needs and preferences of the employees, students, or visitors in those facilities.

Ready for Your Micro Market?

If you’re still unsure if a micro market is the best possible fit for your business or facility, the Bevco team is here to help. Our micro market experts will help you decide the location and size of your micro market and install them at no cost to you. Then we’ll take care of restocking your micro market and maintaining the equipment. Get in touch with our team today!