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Is It Worth Stocking Healthy Food in Your Micro Market?

Healthy food options may seem pointless when it comes to vending, after all, don’t most people go for candy, chips and sodas at a vending machine? Well, first let’s make something clear: micro markets are so much more than vending machines and offer a much greater variety than the classic vending machine bank ever could. And as for whether it’s pointless to include healthy options, let us tell you why it’s worth it.

Energy Without the Crash

When you include healthy food in your micro market you give your employees the opportunity to re-energize without the dreaded sugar crash from the empty calories of a chocolate bar or the quick-burning carbohydrates of other snack foods. Those snacks still definitely have their place in your micro market, there’s nothing quite as comforting as eating a sweet treat or salty snack in the middle of the day. But the slow-burning energy of high-protein meals, vegetables and fruits are a much better option when you’re looking for energy to get through the day.

Increased Employee Happiness

Health-focused employees will obviously enjoy having healthy food available at work, but the average employee will too. And health does equal happiness. When you give your employees convenient healthy options, they’re likely to take advantage of them, even if it’s just out of convenience. It can help motivate your employees to make healthier choices at work and beyond, which in turn leads to fewer health problems and fewer worries.

Ready to Get Healthy?

If you want to ensure your staff has easy access to healthy foods in the workplace, the Bevco team is here to help. We can install a micro market that fits your space, suits the needs of your employees and doesn’t cost you anything to install. Get in touch today to discuss the details!