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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets and a Return to the Workplace

With vaccines rolling out and the world prepared to let out a sigh of relief, many business owners and facility managers are starting to think about their staff returning to the workplace or have already begun this process. This return to “normal” will be anything but normal, but it will bring back more familiar turf. Mealtimes at work won’t be as easy as a walk to your own kitchen fridge, but a micro market from Bevco can provide your staff with easy meals in a safe way as the workforce moves on-site once again.


As we begin or continue the process of returning to the workplace, much of the workforce has grown used to convenient meal options. No commute gave many a chance to eat a decent breakfast for a change, the fridge being a short walk from a home office to the fridge became a fantastic perk and the extra time at the end of the workday became the prime time for starting a delicious home-cooked dinner. Working from home certainly has its drawbacks but mealtimes were not one of them. Micro markets are a great way for you to ensure your staff continues to enjoy their meal breaks.


Not only do micro markets bridge the gap between the at-home fridge and an office lunch, but they can also provide a safe means for meals in the workplace as social distancing and mask guidance continue to be used as more people get vaccinated and we work toward making COVID a thing of the past. Micro markets make it easy to maintain social distancing and manage crowding. They give you control to limit the number of users at one time, unlike many restaurants and shops. This allows your employees to continue to browse safely without the worry of a crowded shop and ensures that, if things are too crowded, they haven’t wasted their lunch break. They can easily head back over to the micro market when there are fewer people.

An Easier Transition

Micro markets are a great way to begin the transition to a new normal in the workplace. From continued social-distancing measures to touchless purchase, while vaccines begin to do their work, we can continue to do ours in a safe and comfortable way. Are you ready to talk about a micro market, installed at no cost to you? Contact the Bevco team today!