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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Is a Micro Market Right for Your Business?

Micro markets are one of the most popular trends in vending these days, but many business owners are still unsure if these self-service convenience stores are the right fit for their needs. It’s true that micro markets aren’t the best option for everyone, but most businesses and facilities would greatly benefit from adding a new micro market or upgrading their current vending machine solutions to accommodate the variety and technology of a micro market.

You Have Space

The first concern when it comes to micro markets is whether your facility can physically accommodate the equipment needed to set up a decent micro market. When we install a new micro market, we make it to fit your needs and can usually customize the market to suit almost any space. But if you’re workplace is quite small and you can’t spare to take room away from the areas you use for your work, traditional vending machines may be a better fit.

You’re Ready for New Technology

Micro markets are the future of vending for many reasons, one of the most important is the fact that micro markets utilize the latest technology, including touchless purchase (a very important feature these days) and digital inventory monitoring. With touchless purchase options, customers can pay for items from your micro markets with their phones or credit and debit cards with minimal interaction with checkout kiosks. We also use technology to monitor the inventory in your micro market, keeping things stocked and most importantly ensuring that the products you and your employees like are actually on the shelves.

You Want to Increase Productivity and Grow Your Business

One of the best benefits of a micro market is increased productivity and happier employees. When employees have access to easy, healthy and convenient lunch options on-site, they don’t need to leave the workplace to find a meal on a short break. That means they can enjoy more of their free time and when they have less time because of a project or deadline, they can quickly grab something to keep their energy levels up. This not only increases productivity but also increases the contentment of your staff, which helps you find new talent and hold on to employees who drive your business forward.

Ready to Talk?

If your business sounds like a good fit for a micro market, get in touch with the vending experts at Bevco today!