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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets: a 101 Guide to the Many Benefits

Maybe you are considering adding a Micro Market to your office.  Here is a basic introduction to Micro Markets and the information you need to know about them.

What is a Micro Market?

A Micro Market works like a shrunken down market place within your office.  They are unmanned and instead have employees paying at a kiosk in the market.  Micro Markets are typically stocked with fresh food and offer a few more options than the average vending machine.  The food is conveniently located in the office, but it functions like a convenience store or market place down the street.  Micro Markets are fun to shop in, offer a wide variety of food and beverage options, and boost morale in the work place.

If There Are No Employees, How Do I Keep Food From Being Stolen?

Micro Markets are often equipped with discrete surveillance cameras to keep watch over the market.  This makes it very hard to steal from the market without getting caught, but doesn’t intimidate your employees while they shop.  Everything is safe and secure but offers your employees freedom to browse and find the meal they are craving.

How Do You Pay for Your Food?

Micro Markets have pay kiosks for employees to use.  These kiosks allow them to select their purchases and pay by either cash, credit, or a special Micro Market card specifically for use in the market.  Just type in your purchases, pay, and eat!

What Are The Benefits Of A Micro Market For My Employees?

Micro Markets are fun to shop in, which boosts morale.  They offer a lot of fresh and healthy food options including fresh fruits and vegetables, which will keep your employees healthy.  Health foods are also filling and make the body and mind function better for a more productive work ethic from your employees.  More variety than the average vending machine is also good for employees, and will make it easier for them to ease their cravings with their perfect meal.

Micro Markets are a smart addition to any company, and many have already jumped on the band wagon.  Talk to your vending machine provider to see if they offer Micro Markets as an option and learn more about the benefits of installing a Micro Market in your office.