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Allergy Free Foods for Your Vending Machines: Consider Your Employee’s Food Allergies

Having a variety of delicious foods available for your employees will always boost employee morale, but what happens for employees with food allergies?  Some allergies are so severe that if their food is even prepped on a surface where their allergen was recently found it can send them into anaphylactic shock.  This may hinder some of your employees from being able to enjoy the benefits of vending machines in their office.

Even if a food allergy is moderate, it may still hinder them from eating some of your food options if they contain their allergen.  What can you do to make these people feel comfortable?  How can you help offer them solutions to satisfy their food allergy needs?

A good vending machine company will offer you options.  They will understand allergies and offer a whole group of food options prepared specifically with allergies in mind.  Gluten allergies are becoming more and more common, and they hinder people’s ability to eat any food that has even come in contact with wheat.  Foods that haven’t been exposed to wheat can be very hard to find.  A good vending company will have Gluten Free options.  Peanut and tree nut allergies are also common issues, as well as dairy and certain fruits.  If you know that you have employees with serious food allergies, you should be able to talk to your vending machine company to find the perfect solution for them.

Food allergies are a serious issues that requires care and understanding for the inflicted individual.  They are not to be taken lightly.  If you have an allergy sufferer in your office talk to your vending machine provider.  And always remember to call emergency services if your ever experience an employee having an allergic attack.  You could save their life.