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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


The Many Benefits of Adding a Micro Market to Your Business

Sure vending machines are a vital part of any company break room.  They are easy and convenient, and they offer a whole host of food options when you eat.  That being said, what if there was another option?  What if you could bring your favorite corner store into the office without hiring extra employees to man it?  There is a way to make this a reality with the installation of a Micro Market.

Micro Markets allow you to pick out your next meal or snack just as you would at a market place or convenience store.  There are fresh fruits and veggies, salads, sandwiches, hot meals, snacks, and beverages all set up like a smaller version of your local market.  Hence the name Micro Market.  An even wider variety of food can be offered through a Micro Market in your office.  They are fun and convenient to shop in, and easy to use.  Payment is done at a kiosk at the front of the “store”.  There you can pay with cash, credit, or a special meal card provided by our Micro Market service.

Micro Markets are moral boosters.  Employees find them fun to shop in, and their array of tasty healthy foods offers your employees the opportunity to make smart decisions with their diet.  Healthy food will make them more energized for their productive day ahead.  Of course tasty snack foods are available as well.

Wondering what keeps people from stealing food from the market?  Small unobtrusive surveillance cameras are placed around the market for security.  They are easy to install and add a little bit of protection while not taking away from the fun and helpful atmosphere of the market.

Many top companies already have Micro Markets in their office buildings.  Jump on board to this exciting opportunity and learn what a Micro Market can do for your company today!