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How to Increase Ancillary Revenue with Vending Machines

Ancillary revenue is sort of like working off the side of your desk on a separate project or business.  It’s something you take on that makes a little extra money.  Vending machines are one way to generate it.

Vending machines are more than a convenience for your employees.  They’re a productivity support which can keep them onsite when crunch time hits.  But they’re also a great way to pad your bottom line with additional revenue.  When you do it right, you maximize your earning potential

This post is about how to increase ancillary revenue with vending machines.  Are you ready to make some extra money for your business?  Let’s go!

The well-trodden path

Is your vending machine in an obscure location because the person responsible for its placement didn’t know how to position it?  Then it’s time for a change.

To optimize ancillary revenue with vending machines, it’s all about location, location, location.  Where are your employees most likely to pass it?  High-traffic areas are what you’re looking for – whether that’s in a hall way connecting different departments, in the breakroom, or near the washrooms.

Retailers know that foot traffic is an important component of making the kind of sales they need to survive.  When the product’s out of sight, it’s out of mind, so let your employees see your vending machine.

Employee input

Communicate regularly with your employees about the items available in your vending machine.  The same old thing can get boring, so make a point of regularly taking their temperature on products offerings.

Placing a suggestion box next to the machine will probably earn you a few silly notes, but it will also give you an idea about what your employees are craving.

Gauge sales from your machine, as well.  See what’s selling.  Switch up what’s not.

User-friendly machine

A user-friendly machine is kept clean and in good condition.  This may seem like a no-brainer, but your vending machine can get lost in the shuffle when things get busy at your business.

Assign employees to vending machine dusting duty on a rotating basis.  Like kitchen duty, this is something that benefits everyone.

Also, develop a good working relationship with your vending machine provider.  Ensure that your provider offers rapid, reliable service, with competent technicians.

No one wants to buy anything from a neglected machine that’s seen better days or is covered in dust.  And if it’s not working at all, you’re not selling anything and you’re not making ancillary revenue, right?


Bevco Service, Inc.

At Bevco, we’re changing the way people think about refreshment services.  Our vending machines carry the best snack and beverage products available, with healthy options to meet the growing demand for more nutritious eating.

We’re also providers of micro markets and coffee service, again with excellent product lines which are continually evolving.

We’ve written this post as a means of showing you another side of having a vending machine at your business.  You’re providing your employees with convenience, but you’re also installing a revenue stream.

Interested?  Contact us!