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4 Requirements for Getting a Vending Machine in Your Office

If you’re thinking about getting a vending machine in your office, we like the way you think!

You know that a vending machine adds value for your employees because it offers convenience and helps to support higher productivity.  There’s nothing like having snacks and drinks on hand to keep the ball rolling.

In this post, we’ll outline the 4 requirements for getting a vending machine in your office.

  1. Know your people

The first step is to make getting a vending machine a family affair.  You’re installing a vending machine to offer your employees a little something extra at work, so filling your machine with items which directly appeal to as many of them as possible is job one.

Not everybody likes soft drinks.  Your employees may not want them all.  Do they want fruit?  Yogurt?  Energy bars?  Finding out what end users want from the machine creates an opportunity to involve your people in the decision-making process.

  1. Know your location

So, where are you going to put this behemoth from which tasty beverages and snacks issue?  You’ll need a high traffic area with space for it to begin with.

At Bevco, we offer our services to help you find the best location for your vending machine, factoring in important considerations, like which way the door opens and whether we can get in through existing doors.

  1. Know your timelines

Understand that ordering a vending machine is a process.  Your vending machine isn’t going to appear the day you call to order it.

In fact, it can take up to 10 days to get a vending machine in place.  Your vendor needs time to get you the model you want and the products you want it filled with.  Then, there’s getting it to you.  That takes time and human resources.

Knowing your timelines is key to a smooth process and a successful rollout.  On the big day, bust out the party hats and introduce your new buddy to the people who are going to love it – your employees!

  1. Call Bevco

When it comes to quality vending machines and great product partnerships, Bevco is your best friend.  We bring you quality, selection, and outstanding service to ensure that your vending machine is always good to go.

When you need service, we’re there.  Our technicians are highly-trained, with many years’ combined experience. You’re never stuck, with Bevco around.

Our continually evolving roster of vending machine products is specifically tailored to your needs.  We offer everything from classic snack and beverage products, to healthy options to meet the growing trend toward more nutritious eating.

At Bevco, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of all our customers, because we take pride in bringing them the very best.

These 4 requirements for getting a vending machine in your office are clear-cut and simple, but we can help.  When you need the best of everything for your hardworking employees, Bevco delivers with the best in vending machines, micro markets, and coffee service.

Contact us.