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Eating Right at the Office

Most people don’t realize how detrimental their office eating habits can be to their health. Often, work is one of the highest contributing factors to a person’s stress. And that can be bad in itself, but often, stress leads to poor eating habits, which further complicates the problem. Here are some tips for healthy eating at the office:

Don’t Skip

Many people make the mistake of not eating at work. They’ll skip lunch or breakfast or sometimes both to cut calories or save time. The only problem with this is that it often leaves people famished at the end of the day and when they do get something to eat, they’re ravenous. This leads to overeating and overindulging in unhealthy foods. Instead, eat a really good breakfast and a healthy lunch and include some small high-protein snacks to keep you energized. This will help you feel full and energized all day long, so that when it comes to dinner, you can eat lighter and not be starving.

Choose Wisely

Another mistake people often make when eating at work is choosing the wrong foods. Whether it’s a snack or your lunch, it’s easy to choose convenience over something that will actually fill you up and give you energy. It’s always good to indulge a little, so grabbing a candy bar or cheese steak for lunch every now and again is fine, but don’t be making the mistake of eating this way every day. Sugary candy bars lead to sugar crashes and greasy meals can make you sluggish and are definitely not good for your waist line. So, pack a healthy lunch and some decent snacks for yourself instead.

Invest in Your Staff’s Health

But what if healthy and convenient could go hand in hand? It seems hard to imagine, but with healthy snack, lunch, and even breakfast options offered in Bevco’s Micro Markets, you can find a great meal without leaving work.

A great way to keep your staff healthy and happy is by replacing old vending machines with new machines and micro markets that include healthier options. This will ensure your employees are always energized and always motivated to do their best.

If you’re interested in healthy vending options or micro markets, contact our team today!