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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


How Automated Vending Services Save You Money and Time

Vending machine management should not be chaotic; instead, it should be streamlined, simplified and save you time.

After all, your company installs a vending machine to benefit workers or customers, so you do not need that benefit to become a costly endeavor for you.

Automated systems have made vending machines easier to manage, and with a strategic partnership, you could save your company time and money, while still offering the vending services.

One System for Seamless Operations

The biggest benefit to using automated vending services is that your business uses just one system for your vending machines. That single system will save you time and the hassles associated with juggling multiple log-ins and devices to reorder or check on the status of your vending machines. Also, if your company has a micro market installed, you can use automated vending tools to tell you how much money you are earning, and when items are low or out of stock.

Not all vending services have an integrated automation tool, so you will want to ensure that the vendor you choose does.

Wireless Data Reporting Reaches Vending Companies Faster

Through wireless data reporting, a vending service can receive up-to-date overviews of inventory and sales trends. This helps them better anticipate high demand periods and restock your vending machines so that you are never out of demand items during peak sale periods.

Also, when a vending machine is not operating as it should, the automated service can deploy a technician to your site and fix the vending machine. By fixing the vending machine quickly, you will experience less downtime, which generates more profits for your company.

Customized Services for Maximum ROI

Bevco Services uses the Cantaloupe Vending Management System. What is unique about this automated vending service is that it is tailored to your needs and your location. So, the system is customized based on your products, and the machine offers what you need when you need it.

Automated dispatch services allow a vending service management company to pre-schedule appointments for service, and online reporting lets you see how your machine is performing and what items are selling the fastest.

With online access to real-time sales data, you can better decide which products to stock your vending machine with so that you can maximize your return on the investment. Most importantly, you can obtain real value in the insights you gain from electronic reporting. For example, you know what products are sold the most around what time of the day, which products are underperforming or have little consumer demand, and how quickly an item runs out — so that you can automatically have that item delivered and avoid being out of stock.

Whether you have a micro market that contains fresh produce or an employee break room vending machine, maximizing commissions and your ROI should always be your top priority. With automated systems, you save on utility costs, repairs, service appointments and products; allowing you to increase profit margins from every angle.