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Four Compelling Reasons Why Micro Market Vending Should be in Every Business Break Room

Vending machines are evolving with the times.

Today, a consumer wants access to a plethora of traditional and nontraditional vending items, and they want to get what they need faster so that they can return to what needs to be done.

This theory is what fueled the invention of micro market vending machines.

What is Micro Market Vending?

Micro market vending machines are convenience stores and vending machines combined as one. They are found in break rooms across the country, and more states are considering them retail establishments.

A micro market offers items for a select group of consumers, such as better products for human consumption, like fresh fruit and food. Some vending machines come with candy and other traditional items along with hot beverage options, like coffee and hot chocolate.

These micro markets are becoming the new alternative for workplace vending machines, and for a good reason: they benefit employers and employees alike.

Four Reasons Your Company Should Use Micro Market Vending Machines

1. Micro Markets Simplify the Process

Micro markets give employees access to items from a convenient store without having to leave the workplace campus.

They can purchase everything they need for a snack, drink and even lunch. Items in these micro markets can be stocked in various amounts based on employee demand and preference, so an employer does not have to worry about limited space in their machines.

It makes the process of employees getting healthy, fresh food at reasonable prices accessible. Employees do not have to worry about rushing back to work for a meeting or wasting time on their breaks.

2. A Better Return on the Investment

While it seems like a significant upfront investment, micro market vending machines for breakrooms save a company. After all, they are using a company’s service for the micro market, and they receive a delivery of items while the enterprise manages the repairs and replacement of the market’s components.

Instead of creating an employee cafeteria or another eatery, you could save money by installing a micro market for staffers.

3. Food Increases Sales and Productivity

When you offer food in the workplace, you are increasing your employee satisfaction. A survey of over 1,025 office workers found that workplace food items increased sales and productivity performance. In fact, they found that 90 percent of staff found food keeps them happy, and 76 percent of workers said meetings were easier when food was present. Also, in the survey, the food was a deciding factor in attracting top talent.

4. Supplying Food for Overnight Staff

If your company has employees working graveyard shifts, they have limited options for food outside your campus. By using a micro market, you are supplying your employees with the convenience store options, but nobody needs to staff it and everybody wins.

Your employees could buy yogurt, juice, energy bars, fruit, and whatever else they need to get through their shift, and it only takes a few minutes.