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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


How a Micro Market Can Make a Healthy Work Environment

Vending Machines are a favorite at the office. Everyone enjoys a pick me up snack. However, vending machine snacks can carry calories that people don’t want. What if you can add a vending service to the office that offers healthy options? Now you can with a micro market.

A micro market is like a small convenience store.  It lets employees browse and take their time picking the perfect snack, instead of staring at a machine. A micro market also gives employees access to see the labels and nutrition information of the food along with a better selection to choose from. The market stays open 24 hours, which is a benefit for those employees that work the grave yard shift or early mornings.

Micro markets provide a healthy work environment with the types of foods they offer. You can choose to enjoy a fresh salad, sandwiches, baked chips, yogurt, and more. The drinks are healthy as well. Enjoy different fruit juices, vitamin water, low to zero calorie soda, etc. Don’t worry your favorite vending snacks and drinks are still available.

Another way micro markets can make a healthy work environment is you can track nutritional information on an online account to keep track of weight loss progress. Company Kitchen, a micro market company, keeps track of the calories, fat, carbs, sodium, cholesterol, and more when you scan your food item.  Each employee has their own account to view the information.

As a whole you can keep track of a company’s progress. Those that step up and take charge of the wellness program can track what all the employees are purchasing and how much nutrition as a whole the company is getting. You have the option to see the whole company or you can separate by department, if you want to have competitions.

A healthy work environment can make for happy employees. Consider adding a micro market to the office today. It will be a great decision for everyone.