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Put a Starbucks Machine in the Office

Starbucks is one of the leading coffee companies in the United States. Enjoy the popular coffee whenever you choose by putting a Starbucks machine in the office.

Placing a Starbucks machine in the office will save you and your employees’ time. There won’t be any more waiting in line in the mornings, which may have led to some being late to work. Time won’t be wasted during lunch break going to the closest store. Having Starbucks in the office will be a benefit for everyone.

Working in an office it may be difficult to decide on the type of coffee bean to brew, as not everyone likes the same type. Now it doesn’t matter. The Starbucks machine allows you to brew three different types of coffee with its three bean hopper.

The Starbucks machine may be popular in the office but it doesn’t mean employees will have to wait long to get their favorite coffee. The single cup brewer takes less than a minute to produce a cup of coffee. The choices of an 8, 12, or 16 oz. cups are available.

For those employees that don’t like coffee, there is a solution. The interactive brewer has the ability to also brew hot water for tea and hot chocolate.

The brewer is simple to use with its digital interface. The interface is touchscreen and allows users to have an interactive experience. The option is also available to set up brewing by cup or by the carafe to reduce the unwanted waste.

Having a Starbucks machine in the office can be beneficial for everyone. It can save everyone time, brew a variety for everyone’s likes, and more. Add Starbucks to your office today.