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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Vending machines within office space

When a Business Should Consider a Micro Market

There are a lot of businesses that can benefit from vending machines. Having quick and easy access to something to snack or sip on can make all the difference for both employees and guests visiting your facility. But there are certainly some types of places where vending machines may not cut it. So, what should you do in this situation? Micro markets are a great alternative for traditional vending machines especially in large businesses or in large facilities with lots of people. Here are a few reasons why you may want to consider a micro market.

Business Size

The first and most obvious reason you should consider a micro market is because your business is large and there a lot of people who may be interested in a quick and easy bite to eat. A vending machine can only serve so many people and you need to invest in multiple vending machines to increase that limit if you have a large operation. Instead of limiting yourself to vending machines, micro markets allow you to provide a consolidated but simple method for keeping a large staff happy. Instead of having a smattering of vending machines all over your facility, you can have a central location that provides food and drink options for your employees.

Business Hours

If your business hours are outside of the average business day you may want to consider a micro market. For example, if your business operates 24/7, that may mean you have employees who are on site during the early morning hours. This can make it exceptionally difficult for your employees to find meal options in the area at that time. Micro markets can be accessed 24/7, so your staff won’t have to go offsite and hunt for an all-night diner to have a good meal. Your employees will appreciate this, and it may even improve productivity.

Cafeteria Alternative

Cafeterias are a common thing in large businesses and facilities. This can be convenient for your employees, but it can also be super complicated for the business owner or landlord. Managing the installation, upkeep, restocking, and staffing of a cafeteria can be a serious pain. Micro markets are a great alternative to messy, complicated cafeterias. They don’t even require any staff to operate. Instead of installing a cafeteria, you should consider a micro market, which may cut costs. It’s also good to note that micro markets can offer a huge selection of meal, snack, and drink options that can easily rival what is offered in a cafeteria setting.

If any of this sounds like your business or facility, you can contact our team today to discuss your new micro market!