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The Four Rules of Proper Vending Machine Etiquette

Probably everyone has used a vending machine in their life. Whether it was for a quick snack, a hot cup of coffee, or a nice cold drink, more than likely you’ve used one of these machines. But there are rules, ladies and gentlemen. Just like all things in polite society, vending machines come with a certain etiquette that must be followed. Don’t worry if you’re unfamiliar, we’ll give you a quick breakdown the rules of vending machine etiquette now.

Rule One

The first rule to keep in mind is that you must respect a line. This goes for all activities where people may be waiting their turn for some service. There should be no cuts in the vending machine line. There should be no complaining about the vending machine line. And most certainly there should be an organized line, rather than a vicious mob, demanding sustenance.

Rule Two

To make the first rule more manageable, the second rule is to double check the number of the item you want to purchase, but don’t hold up the line. It’s important that you decide what you want, but don’t dilly-dally. Dilly-dallying may cause a vicious mob to form behind you, demanding sustenance and your immediate removal from the line.

Rule Three

The second rule is important but has an exception which is the third rule. The third rule is that if someone’s snack or item ahead of you gets stuck, you need to wait patiently. Some things are out of our control. Luckily, Bevco vending machines have a sensor that eliminates this predicament, making this rule archaic, but necessary for older machines.

Rule Four

The fourth rule relates directly to the third rule. The fourth rule states that you should retrieve your snack, but never shake or break the machine. Like the third rule, Bevco’s machines make this rule unnecessary, but if you ever find yourself waiting on a dangling snack, do not shake, bang, move, tip, or break the machine. In polite society, we do not turn to violence. Instead, contact the building supervisor, office manager, or similar individual who may have a key to the machine, or a refund for your snack.

New Technology

Vending machine etiquette is an old and sometimes outdated practice, but it’s best to know even the obsolete rules for situation where you may be using older machines. To eliminate the need for rules three and four and to get the latest in vending tech, contact Bevco for all of your vending needs.