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Get the Most Out of your Espresso Fix

The American industry may have you convinced espresso beans are a specific type of coffee that is the only suitable blend to create an espresso drink, but coffee beans are coffee beans. Different types of coffee are created by the methods of extraction of the coffee. So, it isn’t the bean that makes an espresso drink; it’s the 132 pounds per square inch of pressure espresso machines use to push the near-boiling water through that creates the beverage.

Espresso is Expressly for Individual Consumers

The term espresso comes from caffe espresso, which means press-out coffee, or from the term “expressly made for the customer.” Modern espresso used to be called cream coffee, named to the crema that forms at the top. Regardless of the source you stick with, these beverages are made specifically for the customer and are meant to be consumed quickly.

In fact, in Europe, you won’t sit anyone sitting down at a table and ordering the drink. This is because the crema keeps much of the aroma in the drink but dissipates quickly, meaning the drink would not be in its best form as it reached the table. Instead, it is customary to order an espresso at the bar and drink it quickly, getting the most out of the expressly made for you drink.

It’s All About the Taste

There are a lot of opinions on what makes the best coffee roast from using only small batch producing local roasters to importing from South America. However, at the end of the day, good taste is the biggest qualifier. While local roasters may have an artisanal quality, it means little when the coffee isn’t consistent. An espresso is made from 50 beans for each small drink but just one bad bean can lead to a poor-quality taste.

Crema is an important aspect of a good tasting espresso shot. The initial light and tawny colored liquid that comes out first when making espresso keeps the flavor in as espresso is an emulsion, meaning it is a liquid that is made up of stratified oils. Surprisingly, a coffee bean is actually 12% oil. The cream at the top keeps the aroma and important taste profile in the shot but as mentioned previously, it dissipates quickly.

The Italian government regulates espresso due to considering the drink an essential part of daily life. The drink can become an essential part of your company’s culture, as well. Contact us today to learn about our products to bring coffee to your breakroom.