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Fruit Teas for Delicious Summertime Hydration

It’s already been a warm summer, so it’s important to keep cool and more importantly, stay hydrated. We recommend drinking lots of water, eating food that has a high moisture content in it, like fresh fruits, and enjoying a nice cup of tea, preferably iced. Fruit teas are a nice way to refresh yourself after being out in the sun. Even if you spend your time in an office where it’s air-conditioned, you can still enjoy this beverage. Here are a few ways you can make either hot or iced fruit teas.

Peach and Mint Tea

Mint is a classic choice but it doesn’t have to be served alone. On its own, mint can provide a lot of hydration and refreshment but paired with peach, there are more benefits. Both have antioxidant properties and go beyond simply rehydrating. Something in the pairing of peach with mint has a fruity yet fully refreshing taste. This can be served on ice to beat the summer heat or served warm during the winter months, making it a versatile choice.

Berry Delicious Lemon Tea

The base of this mix is a simple lemon tea, which can be the typical white or black tea most use for iced tea. However, adding a fruit-infused tea, such as blueberry, can add both dynamic to the taste along with additional nutrition. To top off the beverage, add fresh berries such as whole blueberries or sliced strawberries with the ice. A few pieces of fruit will transform this from a tea mix to a summertime beverage.

Strawberry Peach Tea

For this one, you’ll need a classic black tea, such as English Breakfast. Use cold water for this recipe and let the tea bags steep for about an hour, outside in the sun. Then, get your strawberries and peaches. Mash them at the bottom of each serving glass, then add ice and the brewed tea. This one is obviously best served cold and is excellent for those hot and humid days when you crave something sweet and thirst-quenching.

Get Fruit Teas for Yourself and Your Office

While these recipes are great for staying at home and relaxing, you may need something a little more convenient for your workplace. That’s why Bevco Service, Inc., offers a selection of fruit teas you can serve hot or cold, putting many tea recipes at your fingertips. Contact us today to find out how to stock your breakroom with the best tea selections to keep your staff hydrated and ready to work.