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Healthy Snacks Increase Office Productivity


If your office’s workers seem sluggish, groggy or irritable, you might just assume they’re cranky about something in their home life, or that their workload is frustrating them. While these may be valid reasons, you should also consider what your employees are eating. Perhaps this sounds strange and invasive to you. After all, is it really your business what your workers eat?

Well, consider this: a study in the British Journal of Health Psychology found that the more fruits and vegetables people ate, the happier they were. But how does this translate to your workplace?

The answer’s simple: installing a micro market or vending machine where employees can purchase healthy snacks will greatly boost employee contentment, leading to greater productivity. Here are a few other ways you can encourage your workers to be more health-conscious.

Tip # 1: Plan Your Meals

If your employees plan their meals ahead of time, they’ll be less likely to want to scarf down a double cheeseburger come noon. Putting a micro market in your office building can help with that. Your workers will be able to pick out some healthy snacks like nuts and fruits, as well as choose healthy lunches, like salads or vegetarian wraps.

Tip # 2: Graze Like a Cow

It’s been shown that eating smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to three big ones is better for your brain and your overall health. Eating healthy food every few hours will allow your employees’ glucose levels to remain steady, helping them to be more productive at work and not have that 2 o’clock slump they all dread.

Tip # 3: Make Healthy Snacks Easy to Get

If you allow your employees quick access to healthier options, they’ll be more likely to choose those as opposed to candy bars and French fries. Stock your micro markets with almonds, fresh fruit, all-natural granola bars and other snacks that will fill them up without causing them to crash two hours later.

Get Healthy Snacks for Your Office

If you’re looking to help your employees make a positive change in their eating habits, consider investing in a micro market or vending machine system that carries healthy snacks. Giving workers the option to eat right has never been easier with Bevco Service, Inc. We offer a myriad of nutritious options, including fresh salads, whole wheat wraps, water, trail mix, and much, much more. Contact us today to see how we can help your office get a little healthier.