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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Micro Markets: Your Office Convenience Store

When you think about what the average worker needs to get through a workday, what comes to mind? Probably coffee and a nice lunch come to mind. But what about those little unsung heroes of the modern office, the phone charger and the precious earbud. And on those days when you start feeling the electric creep of a headache crawl across your skull, an over the counter pain reliever can become one of the most prized members of your team.

Music to the Ears

When you have to dig in and focus or just help pass the time while you tackle a particularly dull task, some kind of music can really make the difference. And for some folks, their whole job may require the use of headphones while they work. No matter what your reason is for needing earbuds while at work, what do you do when you forget them at home, or they suddenly stop working? There’s nothing worse than having to use your lunch break to go and buy something you need for work. But with an office micro market, you can be sure that your employees have access to earbuds and other office essentials at any time. Even phone chargers can be stocked to ensure that your staff’s mobile email monitoring is up to par.

Relief for the Head

And as for those pesky headaches, which always seem to crop up at the worst possible times, micro markets can be stocked with pain relievers that can quiet a headache, whether it’s caused by a lack of caffeine or tension. And for when you’re feeling particularly congested by bad allergies or a mild cold, micro markets can carry cold-relief and anti-allergy medications too!

Micro Markets are Your One-Stop Office Shop

So, not only can micro markets help your staff meet their caffeine, lunch and snack needs, they can provide those little things that can keep you going when work gets a little rough.

For more information about what micro markets can do for you, contact the Bevco team today!