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Eliminate the Boring Brown Bag Lunch with Micro Markets

Packing lunch can be a major challenge when you’re rushing to get ready for work. Especially if you’re a parent, packing lunch for the kids often takes precedent. Or if you’ve overslept a bit and are rushing to get to work on time, lunch can become a total afterthought. And where the classic brown bag lunch can totally have its benefits (making use of leftovers, saving a few dollars, etc.), it also can be a genuine hassle every morning. And let’s be honest, it’s nice to enjoy yourself at lunch time too. Micro markets provide the perfect alternative to the boring brown bag lunch.

Make Your Time Yours

The organized mind knows that packing lunch is as simple as setting aside the time to do it. But when you come home from work, the next workday’s lunch is probably the farthest thing from your mind (or the thing you want the farthest from your mind). Your first priority is probably dinner and a nice relaxing evening. Micro markets ensure that your time at home doesn’t have to be cluttered thinking about work the next day. If you want to make packing a lunch a priority, you absolutely can. But the pressure is off and your time can be better used.

A Decent Meal is Always Available

Everyone has likely had the frustrating experience of rushing out the door and realizing far too late that the sad brown bag lunch is slowly wilting on their countertop rather than packed neatly in their work bag or clutched firmly in their hand. A workday morning is often hectic, or at the least has the potential for being hectic. And in that craziness and the mad dash out the door to make sure you catch your train or beat rush hour traffic, your dietary needs often play second fiddle to your responsibilities. Micro markets ensure that you can nourish your body with a decent meal (even a healthy one) when those responsibilities leave you rushing off without a lunch.

Micro Markets can Make Life Exciting

And of course, even though the bag lunch may have its moments, there are also going to be times where breaking up the routine or treating yourself to something new and delicious can totally turn your day around. On those days, micro markets ensure something tasty and good for you are near at hand.

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