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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Break Out of the Junk Food Slump with a Micro Market

When you think of vending machines and easy meals for the workday, your mind probably goes straight to salty snacks, chocolate treats and bland microwave dinners packed with preservatives. But there are other options out there for your workplace meal and snack breaks. Micro markets offer variety and fresh, healthy options that can help keep your employees motivated and happy at work!

Unparalleled Variety

Let’s start with a disclaimer, sometimes a bag of chips or a chocolate bar can really turn your day around, so there’s room for many people to enjoy a treat from time to time. But when your employees are working in your facility, especially if you’re in what’s known as a food desert (meaning there are few options for food in your area, such as in a large industrial park), having a variety of options available on-site can really improve the lives of your employees. And micro markets make variety a priority and can be stocked with everyone’s favorite snacks along with convenient and healthy meal options!

Healthy Snacks – Longer-Lasting Energy

Like we said above, junk food can definitely hit the spot sometimes, but all those empty calories aren’t good for you and if you overindulge, you can wind up feeling pretty bad. Not to mention a sugary or carb-centric energy boost can often lead to a crash that can make for a long slog to then end of the workday. Healthy snack options like fruit and vegetables provide a healthier alternative and give you longer-lasting energy without that crash. Micro markets can be equipped to be stocked with fresh fruit and vegetable snacks that will give your employees a healthy energy boost during their break times.

Convenient and Healthy Meals

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve forgotten your lunch and you’ll have to go out to find something to eat. Micro markets make workplace meals easy and convenient without the guilt that comes along with greasy fast food. We can stock your micro market with healthy meal options that will satisfy and ensure your employees aren’t wasting their breaks travelling to and from a restaurant.

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