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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


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Build a Better Workplace with a Micro Market

There’s something about community that makes people happy. As the holidays approach, we’ll be gathering even more – sharing traditions, meals, moments, and much more. But have you noticed that community sometimes stop at the doors of our workplace? People at work tend to go about their business without much interaction in certain occupations and in some spaces. Of course, there are going to be days when you’d rather just put your head down and get things done, but many people enjoy having a conversation with their coworkers, especially on their break times. This kind of community has many benefits and micro markets can help foster this kind of camaraderie.


Whether it’s commiserating about a frustrating traffic snarl during the morning commute or sharing weekend plans during a lull on a Friday, workplace chitchat is one of those things that can make a workday go by a bit quicker and bring people together in an office or facility. One of the major benefits of these interactions is that they increase communication, opening the door for a more efficient and productive workplace. Think about how strange you may have felt approaching a new coworker during your career. It’s much easier to communicate when you know someone, and good communication is great in any business.

Better Morale

Another major benefit of this kind of relationship amongst coworkers is that it increases morale. Happy employees drive good business and having friendships at work can make people much happier to be at work. Work is work after all, and although people may truly their job, having a friend to chat with during the day is always a positive that can make the whole thing more enjoyable. Not to mention that having a friend at work can make you feel much more comfortable.

But How?

So, how do you foster good workplace relationships in your facility or office? A good breakroom and having on-site meal options is a great start. A communal place for your employees to take a step back from their daily duties and enjoy each other’s company (maybe even vent a little frustration to one another) can go a long way. And when you have great meal options in your facility, like those offered by Bevco’s micro markets, your employees will be more inclined to share meals instead of going out individually for lunch.

If you’re interested in building community in your workplace, contact Bevco to discuss a micro market today!