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Various fruits and vegetables including pumpkin and potatoes

A Workplace Thanksgiving?

There are a lot of businesses where Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily a day off. Of course, the majority of Americans may find themselves at home or at the home of a family member bathing turkey and mashed potatoes in gravy, but there are always going to be some folks who can’t celebrate the holiday in the traditional way. Subsequently, a lot of people have started their own Thanksgiving traditions. The most common is the “Friendsgiving” celebration. Friendsgiving is simply a clever name for a Thanksgiving meal shared amongst friends as opposed to family members. And there’s nothing wrong with celebrating this kind of meal at work!


A “Friendsgiving” at work is a great idea for those Americans who won’t be able to take a Thursday off from the job. It provides a great opportunity to build community and morale at your workplace. People can bring in dishes that they enjoy for a potluck or you can opt for a more structured “divide-and-conquer” approach to the perfect Thanksgiving meal and plan who brings in what. Either way, it’s a really fun thing to do if you find yourself working on Thanksgiving.

More Shared Meals with Micro Markets

You don’t have to settle for a single day of workplace camaraderie at mealtime, though. Shared meals are a great thing to encourage all the time. And micro markets are a great way to ensure that those shared meals are convenient and accessible to your employees. Micro markets give your employees the freedom to browse and a wide variety to make sure everyone can find something they enjoy.

Technically, you could celebrate your workplace Friendsgiving with food bought at your micro market. We’ll leave that up to you, though.

So, whether you’re celebrating a workplace holiday or just building morale and sharing a meal during your lunch break, we can’t stress how important workplace friendships can be and how beneficial they can be to your business.

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And Happy Thanksgiving!