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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


Various vending machines full of drinks

Are Micro Markets Secure?

One of the most unique and innovative things that micro markets provide is self-service. Like vending machines, micro markets give people the opportunity to buy something to eat or drink without the need of a clerk or operator. This makes these options more convenient for the user and more affordable for the facility using either a micro market or vending machine.

A Difference

One of the major differences between micro markets and vending machines is the fact that micro markets are open shelves. This means that buyers can explore what they’re going to buy and handle it before purchasing. There is no barrier between the products and the buyer in a micro market. This leads to a major question with micro markets: are they secure?


The thing about micro markets is that they seem to run on the honor system. People are put to the test to either pay or just walk away without paying for the item in their hands. Although it may be easy enough to steal from a micro market, it doesn’t really all come down to the decency of the people who are perusing the products. One of the major ways that we make sure products aren’t disappearing off of shelves is with unobtrusive security cameras. Security cameras monitor your micro market and make sure that anyone who may have “forgotten” to pay for their items is clearly visible and can be approached and charged for the products.

Inventory Monitoring

Another way that we monitor your micro market is with our digital inventory system. Our digital system monitors what is taken off of the shelves and what is paid for at the payment kiosks. This gives us a clear indicator if shoplifting is a problem in your micro market. This state-of-the-art, reliable technology can help us keep your micro market secure.

Even if products begin to disappear from your shelves, it’s not something you need to worry about. We’ll make sure that your micro market is as secure as possible and that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your micro market.

If you’re interested in a micro market, contact our team today!