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Benefits of Healthy Vending Options for Schools

Vending machines and micro markets are a great option for schools, especially considering that lunch and sometimes breakfast are the only meals served in most school cafeterias. If you live with teenagers or remember your own school days, you know about that afterschool hunger that leads a lot of younger people right to the fridge or pantry as soon as they throw their bag aside when they get home. And with the push for healthier options in both micro markets and vending machines, you can be sure that there are even more benefits.

After School Snacking

One of the major benefits of having healthy vending options in schools is that it gives kids who stay after school a convenient option for staving off hunger until they get home. Most schools have programs and activities that keep students in the building long after the actual school day has ended. Whether it’s a cheerleader, chess club champ, football player or marching band captain, it’s hard to enjoy extra-curricular activities when the last time they ate was during an 11 AM lunch period. And having healthy options ensures that these individuals are getting long-lasting energy, not just a fast and furious sugar rush followed by a hardcore crash.

Forgot Your Lunch?

Another benefit of having healthy vending machine and micro market options is that it gives students who forgot to pack a lunch, forgot their lunch money or who simply don’t like what’s on the lunch menu a chance to get something for lunch. We’ve all had days where we’ve slept in and run out the door on our way to work, forgetting our work bag or lunch box. And that’s probably not something you’ve only experienced in the working world. Students sometimes wind up with the same problem and having affordable and healthy options at school ensures they get a nutritious bite to eat.

Not Just for Students

And what about the teachers and other faculty at a school? Healthy vending machine and micro market options also make sure that teachers and staff have an easy lunchtime, or maybe even evening meal while they grade papers or lead students in extra-curricular activities.

Healthy Vending Options for Your School

Healthy options ensure that your students and staff have a source of nutritious energy to help them stay focused, stay happy and keep up with all of the pressures of the school day. So, consider a healthy vending machine or micro market for your business and contact Bevco today!