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How has the Lunch Break Changed?

The world today is very different from the world even ten years ago. So, its’ not exactly hard to imagine that some things that most of us are very accustomed to, even things we take for granted, did not even exist or were very, very different a hundred years ago. Technology changes fast, so it’s to be expected that the modern cell phone is almost unrecognizable when compared to the first telephone. But would you expect the same to be true for lunch? Would you be surprised to find out that the modern “lunch” is nothing like the midday meal of our ancestors?

A Long, Long Time Ago

In the middle ages, people worked with the sunlight hours, so the original “lunch” would often be a substantial meal at midday after already being hard at work for several hours. In fact, for the most part, the midday meal was known as dinner and was eaten at the time most of us eat lunch today. By the 17th and 18th centuries, the midday meal was pushed farther into the evening as artificial lighting became more advanced. So, dinner was moved back and there was a larger gap between breakfast and dinner. Lunch, which was often light, filled the gap.

Lunch, As We Know It

The modern lunch break as we know it didn’t really become a thing until industrialization forced men to work long hours outside of their homes. At a point, hour-long lunch breaks became common and restaurants, stands and shops (like the precursor of the modern micro market, the automat) started serving mid-day meals to workers. WWII brought lunch back into the workplace and then the evolution of an easier bread-making process brought about the popularity of the take-with-you sandwich.

Micro Markets and the Modern Lunch Break

Today, the duration of lunch breaks is different depending on the workplace, but easy and affordable food during midday is still in high demand. Although the modern lunch is relatively new in our history, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hold significant weight. People love their midday breaks and like to make the most of them. The latest evolution in this story is the reintroduction of self-serve food into the workplace lunch break. Micro markets provide easy and convenient meal options for workers looking for a meal without having to go too far. These self-serve shops are perfect for the modern workplace.

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