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Professional Micro Market, Vending, & Coffee Service


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Modern Coffee, Micro Markets, and the Workplace

There’s a lot going on with coffee in America. From the nitro cold brew to the advent of artisanal pour-over brews, coffee consumption in the US is no longer about your average (cup of) joe. Specialty brews, new flavors, crafted drinks, fair trade standards, and much more have turned coffee away from the gurgling electric home percolator or slow drip brew and toward coffee shops where a barista can create something specific to your tastes. Not everyone is about fancy coffee drinks, though. And more importantly, no matter how much some people might enjoy a double mocha frap, it all comes down to convenience.


More than ever, coffee needs to be fast and convenient. The rise of premade, bottled coffee in convenience stores and markets is a clear indicator that people need coffee on the move. If you’ve ever been in a coffee shop, you’ve likely seen the frenetic chaos happening as baristas rush between steaming, hissing machines, shaking some cold brew concoction. Not everyone has the time to go to a coffee shop during a work break, let alone wait in a line for a busy barista to make their coffee.

A Micro Market

That’s why it’s important to make sure that your workplace has a convenient caffeine fix for your employees and guests and that there are options for that caffeine fix. A micro market in your facility can help your employees be more productive and still enjoy a decent cup of coffee. They don’t have to go offsite to find a premium quality brew. And premium quality is definitely important. People will pay a little extra for a better cup of coffee. They also can find flavors and preparations that suit their tastes. A simple cup of black coffee, espresso, and more can appeal to the varying needs of your people.

A Better Workplace

Not to mention that one of the most important parts of modern coffee culture comes down to the actual culture. The growing communal experience of sharing coffee is almost as important to the modern coffee experience as anything. And micro markets give your staff the ability to share a really good cup of coffee together. This inspires camaraderie, raises morale, and makes for a much happier workplace.

If you’re interested in a micro market, contact Bevco today!