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Why Vending Machines in Schools Can be a Good Thing

Many schools around the country have banned vending machines. They have become banned because of the unhealthy snacks that were carried such as potato chips, pop tarts, cookies, and more. However, vending machines offer custom snack options where the schools can decide what snacks go in the machine and what doesn’t.

A vending machine isn’t going to break if it is customized to sell healthy products. The students can enjoy fruit snacks, baked chips, trail mix, wheat crackers, etc. There are even 100 calorie cookies available to satisfy the sweet tooth. Having these healthy snacks will help keep the students stomachs full which means they will be more attentive and productive.

Healthy drink options are available as well and soda does not have to be included. Students can enjoy 100% fruit juices, water both plain and flavored, green tea, and more. By having these healthy drink options and not sugar options, students will have a better opportunity to stay hydrated. Hydration is important especially after gym and during after school sports.

A vending machine does not only provide snacks, but also provides profit for the school. With the funds new supplies could be ordered such as computers, new text books, or new playground equipment. It is a win for both students and faculty.

Getting ready for school in the morning can be chaotic. Between eating breakfast, getting ready, and remembering homework in a short amount of time, lunch can easily be forgotten. Having a vending machine in the school will allow students to be able to enjoy a snack, to keep their stomach from growling the rest of the day.

Vending Machines in schools do not have to be a bad thing. Consider adding one to your school today filled with healthy snack and drink options.